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How do I know what size bracelet to choose?
The best way to know the right size is by measuring your wrist. We suggest taking a piece of string, wrapping it around your wrist to the point where the string meets. Then cut that piece of string and line it up against a ruler. That's how you'll know your size! Generally speaking with sizes, 6.5 inches is usually for very small wrists, 7 inches is for the average woman's wrist and 7.5 inches is for slightly larger wrists. You'll want the bracelet to be slightly lose for easing over your hand. So for each size, we add one extra bead to allow room for stretching over your hand and prevent snapping.
What kind of materials are used in making bracelets and does it matter what kind of bracelet I choose to buy?
Our bracelets are all made with gemstones; semi-precious and all natural gemstones and sometimes glass beads. Each stone used, has it's own specific meaning. We want our customers and clients to not only look good while wearing our jewelry but also feel good. So you definitely want to check the discriptions of each bracelet to see what benefits are provided by wearing them. We don't just want you to choose for pretty, choose for purpose as well!
Do you sell just online or in person too?
Our store is solely online but we happily participate in many pop-up shops and shopping events all around the city. We do our best to alert our customers via email whenever we will be selling in person so that they can come and visit with us! Due to Covid-19, all events we had scheduled were cancelled but hopefully soon we will be able to see everyone again!
How fast will I receive my order?
All orders ship within 24-48 hours of purchase. We understand the importance of being excited about something purchased online and wanting it to arrive quickly. All orders are shipped USPS First Class mail with 2-5 shipping time. We have found from our current customers that depending on your location, most orders arrive at doorsteps within 1-3 days once shipped. You will receive a tracking number via email as soon as it ships.
Do you restock sold out items?
All bracelets and bracelets sets are meant to be one-of-a-kind pieces only. We do have several single bracelets that we do make duplicates of, but for bigger stack sets, there is only one of each. So if you see something you like, grab it right away because it won't be there for long! We do have a home section we are building and most of those items will always be restocked whenever sold out. Our mission is to keep the items stocked consistently to where our customers won't have to wait for restocking.
How do I care for my Swagg Chic Boutique jewelry?
In order to keep your jewelry clean, wipe with a soft cloth towel. Do not use any jewelry cleaner on your items and keep each piece stored separately in the individual plastic bags or silk bags that you receive with your order. Do your best to keep your jewelry from getting wet or sweaty by removing before a shower, swimming, exercising, washing hands and washing dishes. We also recommend not wearing when applying lotions, perfumes or hair lotion. If exposed to any of the above conditions, tarnishing may occur. We pride ourselves on the quality of each and every handmade piece that leaves our doorstep and we want your jewelry to last as long as possible.
Is there any kind of warranty if my stretch bracelet breaks?
Absolutely! All stretch bracelets come with a 3 month warranty free of charge. If your set snaps for any reason, return it to us and we'll put it back together with no cost to you except for the shipping cost to send to us. When we send the new version back, you will not be charged shipping. After the 3 month period, any fixing of broken or over stretched sets will come at a cost depending on the amount of bracelets that need to be fixed. The cost would be between $5-$10 for repair.