Founded and handcrafted by Adrienne Swygert, Swagg Chic Boutique offers fun, vibrant jewelry designs to be worn by the every day woman. Adrienne's motto: No Naked Wrists! Each item listed in this store, is designed and hand-crafted by Adrienne herself. 
In the working world since age 15, Adrienne has experienced every work place scenario you can think of. With all of her many talents and skills, she decided it was time to create a fun work place for herself! At the core of Swagg Chic Boutique, it's about the customer experience. It's about making people happy and feel good. This is why natural gemstones and crystals, which are handpicked by Adrienne, are in every bracelet design in our store. Each gemstone used is about making someone feel better, do better and be better. 
Adrienne likes to call her designs "Jewelry With A Purpose", because looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. No matter what set or single bracelet you choose, Adrienne's love and care will be in every single one!