New Year...Who Dis??

New Year...Who Dis??

Happy New Year Swagg Dolls!

First off, I want to thank ALL of you for your support of my business in 2019. The growth has been amazing and it's all because of YOU! So with that said, let me tell you what to expect from Swagg Chic Boutique in 2020!

Over the last two months of 2019, I took a break. And I know you're like, it was the holiday season! You're supposed to go hard! Well I needed to go hard mentally. Obviously in a business, a huge priority is making money. And for me, it definitely is. But even more so, my brand is important. What I want this business to represent is a priority. I was beginning to feel all over the place personally and so therefore, I felt the business was all over the place. So I wanted to sit back and think and brainstorm on where I wanted this business to go.

Customer service is number one for me because as someone who has a full time job in customer service/mental health, that's your bread and butter. And although I know I gave 100% in every customer interaction, I didn't follow through with rewarding my loyal customers in better ways.

In 2020, Swagg Chic Boutique is going forward with a new customer loyalty program and it will be way more exclusive than last year. I have many customers that have spent hundreds of dollars and I could have rewarded them better. Going forward, the perks of supporting this business will be amazing! And this all will begin with the rebrand!

This entire business is getting a much needed overhaul. I know the focus has been bracelets and my beaded gifts like wine glasses and pens. Those will still be coming. The new designs on the bracelets will be even more unique, urban and sophisticated. I received a lot of requests for necklaces in 2019 and so this year, more necklaces are coming out. And even better, more matching sets. I realized, in wearing my own designs, sometimes you need a necklace to match that bracelet or earrings to go with that necklace. How I didn't think of that before I have no idea. The options will be limitless! 

The website is getting a complete over haul! I am working to make it more urban sophisticated and even more aesthetically pleasing. I'm going for a certain vibe and I want you all to feel it! Our email newsletter? Getting a complete over haul! Friday night live? Coming back! This Friday as a matter of fact! I want to interact with my followers more and help you to get to know me better and see my face more. 

And yes, for one last time, a new logo is being created next week. I know, I know. I have changed it a couple of times already. Well, back then, I wasn't as clear about my vision as I am today. #2020Vision! 

I've had to work on my own organization skills, my own fear of being an entrepreneur and just be the woman God has called me to be. This business is my baby. I have created my mission statement and values that will be posted on the website and my social media pages because I want it to be known who I am and what I stand for while handcrafting beautiful pieces for you all.

I am thankful to God for allowing me the time to really sit back and evaluate myself and my business. I cannot wait for you all to see all of these changes. Please be patient with me, as I roll in these new changes over the next few weeks. By the end of this month, everything will be in place. Please tune in to this Friday's Friday Night Live as I will be speaking more on these new changes and what Swagg Chic Boutique stands for. I hope to see you there!



Adrienne Swygert-Owner/Operator

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