Gemstones: What's The Point?

Gemstones: What's The Point?

For a short period of time in 2018, I went to a few meditation classes in my area with a friend. I was looking for some self-healing options for my mental health, as I had not decided on going to therapy yet. Before going to these classes, I had no clue about stones, sage and all of that good stuff. Even more so, I didn't know you could make jewelry with it. For the longest time, I just thought most of the beads I saw on necklaces or bracelets were just plastic hair or dollar store beads chile. Please don't judge me. Because meditation actually helps me, I started using the stones and keeping them with me to surround myself with positive vibes. Sometimes, as much as people say it on their Facebook status, they are not truly a "positive vibes only" zone and you must create that space for yourself.

One of my favorite bracelets I wear on a daily basis is my all quartz single bracelet. It's been pretty popular because a few my customers have one also. The clear quartz is a stone most known for its ability to clear the mind of negativity and heighten spiritual receptiveness. In other words, it is the master of all stones and can magnify any healing vibration of other crystals. Now that is some serious power.

People tend to think that you can't believe in the healing properties of stones and Jesus at the same time. Well I disagree. You can believe in both. I know I do . It's just the same as when people think therapy isn't important because the only counselor you need is Jesus. Well guess what? You need therapy too. We all do. Don't limit yourself and your health and mental well-being.

There are many other popular stones out there. Too many to name, but I will talk about some that I currently use and some that I am starting to use starting now going forward. A few of my favorites I use often besides the Quartz are Agate, Jade and Jasper. The general meaning for Agate includes composure and maturity. There are different types of Agate stones and most of those types help protect against negative energy to help bring about harmony and peace. The Jade stone meaning is purity or purification. It symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. The Jasper stone is a stone of physical strength and energy. The Red Jasper enhances stamina and endurance. It helps bring courage to face unpleasant things; a stone of health and passion. One of new stones I am going to be using are the Tibetan stones. Depending on which one you use, they can attract wealth or wisdom, protect against negative energies or accidents, while some others could bring love and happiness. Peace Jade is another new one I'm using which isn't really Jade but a mixture of Quartz, Serpentine, and Lavender Stichtite. Which I'm sure these words mean nothing to you lol. But soon they will! This stone gets its name from the belief that it encourages tranquility and peace. 

I say all of this to say, what you get from Swagg Chic Boutique isn't just about the look, this jewelry means something. A friend of mine calls it "jewelry with a purpose". Maybe that should be my new tag line! Descriptions of every jewelry item will include what stones were used and what healing properties they possess. If you just pick something for the look, that is fine too, but I love even when people choose because of the meaning and the feeling. 

Until next time my friends...

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